The Inner Temple

Guided Tours of the Inner Temple

We offer on request, to groups and occasional members of the public, pre-booked historic tours of the Inner Temple Treasury Building weekdays starting between 10.30 and 11.00am.

These tours begin with a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits in one of the Inn's beautiful reception rooms, followed by a talk about the history and running of the Inn from 400 years ago to the present day. The tour continues with a visit to the Inner Temple Hall; visits to the Temple Church may be arranged on request at an extra charge.  Tours last approximately 45 minutes and cost £12.00 per head. There needs be a minimum of 5 people for each booking.

If you are interested in having a historic tour of the Inn, please call Jacqueline Fenton, at the Inner Temple Treasury Office, on 020 7797 8241 or email

Prospective members and university groups who are interested in having a tour of the Inn should contact the Education and Training Department. Please see the section on: Tours of the Inn.