qualifying sessions


The following schemes and activities are open to all BPTC students ONLY and are there to make your life easier and enhance your experience as a student so please take advantage of them!

The Mentoring Scheme

This is a scheme that pairs BPTC students with practising barristers who can give advice and assistance on an impartial basis. Your Mentor is not there to secure you a pupillage but they can be a “friend” within the Bar and provide you with guidance and help.

How to apply

The Mentoring Scheme is currently closed. BPTC students will be given first option to apply during their Introductory session. Applications for other student members of the Inn will open in November.

The Mock Interview Scheme

This scheme aims to help BPTC students develop their interview skills in preparation for imminent pupillage interviews. Students are given the opportunity to practise their interview technique and to build up confidence in front of barristers.

How to apply

Priority will be given to students who have Pupillage interviews lined up. For further information and to apply, please contact;Georgina Everatt

Marshalling Scheme

This scheme gives you the opportunity to spend up to a week with a High Court or Circuit Judge either in London or the provinces. The judge will show you the case papers and discuss the case proceedings. The experience provides a valuable opportunity to observe the workings of the court from an entirely different perspective. This scheme is open to students in the 2nd half of their BPTC year as well as to pupils.

How to apply

Please contact Kerry Upham for further information and to apply.

Police Liaison Scheme

This scheme gives BPTC students the opportunity to experience the day-to-day running of a police station and/or accompany officers on patrol, both on foot and in vehicles. Placements are for one day for one or two students at a time. Participating police stations are predominantly in London but we are hoping to expand the scheme to other areas of the country.

How to apply

Details will be given to incoming BPTC students at their Introductory Evenings in September/October