BPTC Awards

Most of the Inner Temple’s Scholarships and Exhibitions are intended to support students during their BPTC year. For the BPTC year, 1 Peter Taylor Scholarship of £22,000, 1 Stephen Chapman Scholarship of £21,000 and 5 Princess Royal Scholarships of £20,000 each are available. Up to a further £1,241,125 will also be awarded in Major Scholarships and Exhibitions, the amounts of which will be decided taking into account the successful applicant’s resources and needs.

The Inn will also award the Solk Scholarship (£1,875), the Yarborough-Anderson Scholarship (£1500), the Ashworth Scholarship (£1050), the Frank & Burris Gahan Scholarship (£820), the Profumo Scholarship (£750), the Wilfred Clothier Scholarship (£750), the Hughes Parry Scholarship (£700), the Horace Avory Scholarship (£600), the Peta Fordham Scholarship (£530), the Elfreda Edwards Scholarship (£450), the Jardine Scholarship (£450), the Philip Teichman Award (£350), the Michael Hodge Scholarship (£300), the Paul Methven Scholarship (£250), the Poland Prize (£150), the Struben Bequest Prize (£100) and two Allan Levy Awards (£500).

The number of awards that may be made each year is not fixed: but, in 2015 the Inner Temple made 101 awards for the BPTC year.

Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Awards

50 awards of £175 each are offered annually to cover the Inn’s fees for admission and call. Applicants must be ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.

When applying for a BPTC Scholarship you will automatically be put forward for a Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Award. A separate application is not necessary.

Application procedure

Applications for the 2016 awards are now closed, the closing date was 1pm on Friday 6th November. The financial statement section is not compulsory but if it is not filled in, any award you win other than the named awards mentioned above (Peter Taylor, Stephen Chapman and Princess Royal Scholarships) would be at a minimum level as we would have to assume you have sufficient finances in place. We recommend that all applicants fill the financial statement in. Three references are required: two academic and one personal - please note that family members cannot provide references. References do not have to be with us by the application deadline of 1pm on the 6th November, they need to be received within two weeks of the closing date. Click here to download the Referee Letter.

Since 2008, we have been interviewing every eligible applicant, and we intend to continue to do so in future. The interviews for the 2016 awards will be held on 5th and 12th March 2016.

Applications for the 2016 awards are now closed. The closing date was 1pm on Friday 6th November.