CPE/GDL Awards

Students can apply for scholarships and exhibitions to support them during their CPE/GDL year. Applicants who intend to undertake the two-year postgraduate LLB course are also eligible. However, successful applicants will only be funded for one year of the course. For the CPE/GDL year, 1 Princess Royal Scholarship of £10,000 and 1 Princess Royal Scholarship of £7,500 each are available. Up to a further £183,000 will also be awarded in Major Scholarships and Exhibitions, the amounts of which will be decided taking into account the successful applicant’s resources and needs.

The Guaranteed Funding Scheme

The Inner Temple is the only Inn that will guarantee a CPE/GDL scholarship winner an award of at least equal value for their BPTC.

Students who are successful in obtaining an award for their CPE/GDL year, who successfully complete the CPE/GDL course, and who thereafter obtain a place on a BPTC course, will on application automatically receive an award of the same amount for their BPTC year, without further interview.

CPE/GDL award holders therefore have the certainty that a minimum level of funds will be available to them from the Inn throughout their period of study for the Bar. Holders of CPE/GDL awards are, however, welcome to apply for a higher award for their BPTC year. They will not, by doing so, jeopardise their right to the guaranteed amount.

Similarly, since more funds are available for awards for the BPTC year, unsuccessful applicants for CPE/GDL awards are welcome to apply the following year for a BPTC award. Many such applications have been successful in past years. Permission will not usually be given to defer the taking up of a CPE/GDL award.

Application procedure

Candidates must apply using the online form on this website. Applications for scholarships must be submitted by the first Friday in May immediately preceding the start of the full-time course or the second year of the part-time course. 

The financial statement section is not compulsory but if it is not filled in any award you win other than the Princess Royal Scholarships mentioned above would be at a minimum level as we would have to assume you had sufficient finances in place. Three references are required: two academic and one personal - please note that members of family cannot provide references. Click here to download the Referee Letter.

The closing date for 2016 awards was 1pm on 6th May 2016, applications for 2016 are now closed.  Applications for 2017 awards will open in March 2017 and the closing date is Friday 5th May 2017.

Awards are only given on the basis of interviews - however, we will undertake an interview by telephone if necessary so as not to disadvantage those who are unable to attend in person.

The 2017 interviews will take place on the evening of Friday 23rd June (from 4.30pm) and during the day on Saturday 24th June.