About the Scheme

The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, in association with participating Chambers, launched PASS in March 2012 to ensure that all students with the capability and determination to pursue a career at the Bar have the opportunity to undertake work experience (known as ‘mini-pupillages’) in barristers’ Chambers, regardless of their background or personal networks. Application to this scheme does not prevent students from applying to Chambers’ current mini-pupillage schemes. PASS is aimed at specific groups that might face obstacles in progressing to the professions. Students are welcome to apply for mini-pupillages through the standard routes, which are open to all students through Chambers’ respective selection and assessment processes.

Undertaking mini-pupillages is essential in a prospective barrister’s journey to the Bar. However, with thousands of students applying for mini-pupillages in Chambers every year, putting the achievements of each candidate in context can be difficult. Equally, some students do not feel that they have connections with the Bar to feel confident in applying directly for these opportunities, particularly to highly competitive sets of Chambers or practice areas.
The Pegasus Access & Support Scheme (PASS) aims to address these concerns and potential barriers. Through the Pegasus Access and Support Scheme, successful applicants will receive a mini-pupillage in addition to the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops and events hosted by the Inn. In doing so, it aims to support participants to progress into the profession thereafter. The mini-pupillages will vary in length from three to five days. Chambers are offering these opportunities on the same terms as their current mini-pupillages but the Inner Temple will cover the reasonable expenses of participating students in order to ensure that financial barriers will not hinder a prospective participant’s ability to undertake such work experience.