Facts and Figures

Once you have satisfied yourself you have the qualities to become a barrister, and the potential to develop your knowledge and skills further, you should also consider some of the ‘facts and figures’ concerning a career at the Bar before you commit yourself.

In brief, approximately 1800 students take the Bar Course every year and, typically, the number of pupillages offered is about 550 each year. Some students who complete the Bar Course return overseas or turn to other professions. However, students are allowed to seek pupillage for up to 5 years after completing the Bar Course, so the competition for pupillages is extremely intense. Over 3,000 individuals may be applying for pupillage in any particular year, and some Chambers have over a hundred applicants for each pupillage placement, and at present there are only a limited number of pupillages at the Employed Bar.

Please also see the reports of the Bar Standards Board's monitoring visits to the Bar Course providers

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Up to date and detailed statistics are available on the BSB website. The Providers of the Bar Course also publish their own statistics about the number of students they take on the Bar Course each year, and how successful their graduates are at obtaining pupillage or other appropriate positions. Details of the costs of the course at each provider are also given on their websites. You are also strongly advised to read the Bar Council booklet ‘Becoming a Barrsiter’, which is updated from time to time and which includes additional information about a career at the Bar.

Up to date and detailed statistics are available on the BSB website

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