Qualifying Sessions

During to the coronavirus outbreak we will be reviewing our programme of events and working arrangements in line with government and Public Health England guidance. Please see this statement from the BSB for further information.

Inner Temple qualifying sessions complement students' academic and vocational education and form a bridge to pupillage. The sessions equip students to undertake the next stage of training and ensure that they are fit and proper to serve the public as barristers by meeting and learning from practitioners and experts. Inner Temple qualifying sessions provide knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Ethics, Standards and Values;
  • Advocacy Skills
  • Legal Knowledge, Justice and the Rule of Law
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; and
  • Preparation for Pupillage, Career Development and Wellbeing.

Focus is firmly placed on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to practise as a barrister. In no other profession is there such a structured and regular meeting of senior practitioners with students, with the former giving their time pro bono. Qualifying sessions are either free or heavily subsidised by the Inn.

Our Qualifying Sessions

These weekends provide students with the opportunity to explore a particular legal topic, develop their advocacy skills, and benefit from the advice of experienced practitioners. Recent weekends have focused on the topics of terrorism, corporate crime and vulnerable witnesses.
These qualifying sessions allow BPTC students the opportunity to practise their advocacy skills in a supportive and informal environment.
These qualifying sessions allow students to hear from experts within the Inn and from academia on legal topics relevant to their studies and to a career at the Bar. The lectures are followed by a reception for students and practitioners.
Taught by professionally trained actors and vocal coaches, this qualifying session gives students the opportunity to develop skills such as voice projection, posture and awareness.
This qualifying session is specifically tailored for students studying at providers outside London. Sessions include ethics, advice on pupillage applications and the pitfalls of the early years of practice.
Taught by members of the Inn’s Library team, this qualifying session provides students with the skills to research UK cases and legislation, to decipher legal abbreviations, to understand the need to use commentary sources, and to be able to keep up to date with developments in the legal world.
Taught by professional trainers, this qualifying session uses drama-based improvisation and storytelling techniques to teach students more effective ways of communicating in all aspects of their role as advocates.
Taught by a senior practitioner, this qualifying session offers a masterclass in mooting skills including preparation, advocacy, timing and dealing with judicial intervention.
As well as attending qualifying sessions at the Inn - the vast majority of which are arranged on weekends in order to allow as many students to attend as possible - BPTC students on circuit are also able to hold up to three qualifying sessions in their local area. These sessions are overseen by Masters of the Bench and senior members of the Inn who generously donate their time and expertise. The Education and Training Department supports student representatives at each provider in helping to arrange these sessions with local practitioner members and the sessions are fully subsidised by the Inn. Thanks to enthusiastic student, barrister, judicial and Bencher volunteers, a wide variety of local qualifying sessions take place each year - including lectures, moots, pupillage workshops and advocacy training workshops.

How to book

BPTC student members will be notified by the Inn when qualifying sessions are open for booking – please do not leave it too late to complete your qualifying sessions as this may affect the date on which you can be called to the Bar. 

Unless informed otherwise, BPTC students can book qualifying sessions via the Events page, or click below. Please note you can only book events online up to ten working days before the event.  


Look for events that have a QS next to them. Book your Qualifying Sessions

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More information

We will only refund your booking if you give us a minimum of 10 working days’ notice before the event. If you have to cancel your booking in the 10 working days leading up to the event, we will only consider a refund if you must cancel because of illness and only if you tell us immediately, in writing, with an accompanying note from a GP.
If you have any specific dietary requirements on ethical or medical grounds, which are not already listed on the portal when you make your booking, please add them.

Students should arrive promptly. Doors will close at the time stated on the ticket or indicated in your confirmation email. Please provide your ticket or confirmation email on arrival if requested.
Latecomers will not be permitted entry and will not gain a qualifying session, so you should allow ample time for travel to the Inn or venue.

If you feel that exceptional circumstances have caused you to be late, you may discuss these by calling the Duty Porter on 020 7797 8255 or the number provided for the relevant staff member.

  • Mobile phones must be switched off.
  • Students should conduct themselves in a manner befitting a member of the Inn.

Students must ensure that they sign the Register at each qualifying session event – failure to do so will result in the qualifying session not being awarded.

The dress code for all students (unless otherwise indicated) is dark suits and dark shoes, plus a dark tie for men. (When gowns are required for a qualifying session, they will be made available in the cloakrooms.) Entry will be refused to any student who is not dressed appropriately.