COVID-19 Scheme To Assist Second/Third Six Month Pupils And First Year Tenants

April – September 2021

Following on from last years’ COVID-19 Hardship Scheme for the benefit of those who were second or third six month pupils or first year tenants, the Inn has decided to extend the Scheme further for the months April – September 2021 inclusive.

Those eligible for an award under this Extended Scheme are exclusively those who fell into the category of being a second or third six month pupil or a first year tenant on 1 November 2020. 

As with the Scheme for April 2020 – March 2021, the aim is to provide support of up to a maximum of £2500 per month to each applicant who can demonstrate (i) that by reason of the COVID-19 crisis they have lost work, and consequential billings, which they probably would have had in the month for which a claim is made, and (ii) that they have no alternative source of funds they can reasonably be expected to rely on.

Awards for each of the months April – September 2021 will be assessed retrospectively. Applicants will therefore need to show what they actually billed in the relevant month for which they are applying for assistance. Accordingly applications for August 2021 losses cannot be submitted until after 9 September 2021, when the application form will appear on the website. Assessments for the month of August will then be made during August, with payments shortly thereafter. In the months thereafter a fresh application form will appear on the website at the start of the month after which assistance is sought.

The trustees of the Marshall Hall Trust, who will continue to administer the Scheme, have a broad discretion to make awards in appropriate cases in the form of grants as well as loans. Applicants should therefore read Note 4 of the Application Form carefully.

All details provided to the trustees will be treated in the strictest confidence.

An application form for August 2021 is available to download below and should be sent as soon as possible to Thereafter fresh application forms for each successive month will be available after the end of that month.