The Inner Temple & The Marshall Hall Trust

COVID-19 Scheme To Assist Second/Third Six Pupils And First Year Tenants

Closure of the Scheme for April–June 2020

Since 9 April 2020 The Inner Temple, with the administrative assistance of the Marshall Hall Trust, has run the above Scheme to assist the Inn’s second/third six month pupils and first year tenants for the months of April, May and June.

This Scheme was devised with the aim of financially assisting the above categories of members of the Inn who were unlikely  to have been able to benefit from the Government’s COVID-19 Self Employed Income Support Scheme (“SEISS”), by reason of their not having filed a 2018-19 tax return.

Between 14 April and 7 June 2020 68 members applied for assistance under the Inn’s Scheme. Following interviews of each applicant, all but two received offers of financial assistance for the 3 months of April, May and June.

The Inn now intends to extend the Scheme, with some alterations, to the same category of members for the months of July, August and September 2020.

In view of that extension, and the approach of the end of the third and final month of the current Scheme for April-June, this announcement is to inform members of the Inn that this Scheme will be formally closed at 4pm on Friday 26 June 2020.

Extension of the Scheme to July–September 2020

In view of the continuing limitations on Court hearings, the Inn has decided to extend the Scheme for the months July-September 2020 inclusive.

Those eligible for an award under this Extended Scheme will remain the same as for the months April–June, i.e. those in the second or third six months of their pupillage or in their first year of tenancy, they being barristers who are unable to benefit from the extension to the Government’s COVID-19 Self Employed Income Support Scheme (“SEISS”).

However, and in order to avoid any doubt, this Extended Scheme will be open not only to those applicants who sought assistance for the months of April, May and June, but also to pupils and first year tenants who did not seek assistance for those months.

As with the Scheme for April-June, the aim is to provide up to 3 months of support up to a maximum of £2,500 per month to each applicant who can demonstrate

  1. that by reason of the COVID-19 crisis they have lost work, and consequential billings, which they probably would have had during the period July-September; and
  2. that they have no alternative source of funds they can reasonably be expected to rely on.

Unlike the Scheme for the months April–June, awards under the Extended Scheme will be assessed retrospectively. Applicants will need to show what they probably would have billed in each month, and what they actually billed. Thus, and by way of example, application forms for payments for the month of August cannot be completed and returned to the Inn before the end of that month, when it is known what the actual billings were for August. Payments under the Extended Scheme for the month of August will therefore not be made until sometime in September; applications for September losses will be dealt with in October.

Application forms for July are available to download here, and should be sent by email to Paul Clark.

Paul Clark

Technology and Communications Officer

Paul Clark

Technology and Communications Officer

Paul Clark

Technology and Communications Officer