Middle Temple Historical Society Lectures

The Middle Temple Historical Society extend a warm welcome to the members of the Inner Temple Historical Society. We meet four times a year in the Middle’s Bench apartments for drinks at 6.30pm followed by an informal buffet supper and a talk on an historical topic, usually with a legal theme. Meetings finish at 9.15pm.

Tickets cost £30 and are booked by contacting the Middle Temple Treasury Office (020 7427 4800).

For further information about the Society, contact John Mitchell at mths@middletemple.org.uk.

Tuesday 25 February 2020

The Two Hakluyts

Professor Stephen Alford, Professor of Early Modern English History, the University of Leeds

Richard Hakluyt, the younger, is famous for his accounts of the many Elizabethan explorers.  at the end of the sixteenth century. As well as being a passionate cosmographer, his uncle, also called Richard, was a member of the Middle Temple. Professor Alford, the author of London’s Triumph: Merchant Adventurers and the Tudor City, will tell the story of uncle and nephew. Bookings close on the 20 February.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

The Early Gardens of the Inns of Court

Dr Paula Henderson

Dr Henderson, an architectural and garden historian will describe how medieval garden design was adapted for the use of an elite professional society in the increasingly confined urban environment of the early modern period. Bookings close on the 12 March.