Tree Works Within The Inner Temple

We are fortunate to have a wonderful collection of trees at the Inner Temple.

Each year we employ a specialist to carry out tree inspections to check their health and advise on any measures to prolong the life of the trees, thus ensuring our younger trees develop into specimens for the future.

Following the tree inspection carried out in autumn 2018, routine pruning works will be taking place on trees across the Inn and the Garden. The works will also include the removal of a Prunus padus from the end of the High Border. This tree was heavily reduced in 2016 as a response to the presence of Ganoderma brackets at the base which show signs of internal decay. The recent inspections showed significant fresh growth of Ganoderma brackets evident on all sides of the base of the tree and so removal was recommended. The Paulownia tomentosa in the Garden will also be removed. This has been advised due to its misshapen form, seldom flowering and to allow the younger trees (Quercus petraea and Corylus colurna) planted nearby to develop into specimen forms for the future. 

Following the inspection in autumn 2018, work was carried out immediately on a large Plane tree (Platanus) in the car park. This was due to the fungal fruiting bodies of Perenniporia fraxinea on the north side having enlarged and advanced circumferentially. Therefore, in response to the report findings, a 40% reduction was enacted to reduce the load at the top of the tree. This tree will now be managed as a pollard, which initially looks drastic though will re-leaf in the spring time.

The City of London has been made aware and approved the works to the trees across the Inn.

In addition to these works we have also been planting new trees within the Garden to add some choice additions to the collection. Some more news on these will follow shortly.