Filming Rates

  Between 8am-6pm Ex VAT Incl VAT
Interior & Exterior
  Per Day £6,000.00 £7,200.00
  Per Hour £600.00 £720.00
Excess/After Hours
  Per Hour £600.00 £720.00
Still Photography
  Per Day £3,000.00 £3,600.00
  Per Hour £300.00 £360.00
  Up to 6m - per day £40.00 £48.00
  Over 6m - per day £80.00 £96.00

Discounts may be available for Documentary or Educational filming.

Please note:

  1. A "Day" is a continuous 10 hour period starting from or after 8:00am and ending before or at 6:00pm;
  2. An excess charge as shown is chargeable out with these hours;
  3. Individual agreements away from the guidelines for particular circumstances can be exercised by the Sub-Treasurer or the Head of Treasury Office.


For more information please contact Nadia Ruiz.