Patrick Maddams - Sub-Treasurer
Jennie Collis - PA to the Sub-Treasurer
Henrietta Amodio - Head of Treasury Office
Nadia Ruiz - Assistant to the HTO
Jude Hodgson - Membership Registrar
Jacqueline Fenton - Membership & Records Assistant
Rosy Gotelee - Events and Administration Assistant
Kate Peters - Events & Administration Manager
Paul Clark - Technology & Communications Officer
Fiona Fulton - Director of Education
Julia Armfield - Education Co-ordinator and Assistant to the Director of Education
Eamonn O'Reilly - Scholarships and Students Manager
Georgina Everatt - Scholarships and Students Co-ordinator
David Miller - Professional Training Manager
Kerry Upham - Education Co-ordinator
Struan Campbell - Outreach Manager
Daisy Mortimer - Outreach Co-ordinator
Stefani Goodrem - Sales & Marketing Manager
Vicky Portinari - Head of Catering
Manish Shah - Deputy Head of Catering
Elcio Mendonca - Pegasus Manager
Adam Bracegirdle - Event Manager
Lorna Pay - Office and Events Coordinator; Accommodation Enquiries
Niamh McCarthy - Sales and Events Coordinator
Verity Parkinson - Library Assistant
Margaret Clay - Librarian
Tina Williams - Library Administrator
Tracey Dennis - Deputy Librarian
Michael Frost - Assistant Librarian
Sally McLaren - Assistant Librarian
Simon Hindley - Senior Library Assistant
Lucia Asnaghi - Library Assistant
Peter Higgins - Network Manager/Systems Librarian
Jonathan Delaney - Senior Network Administrator
Anne Mason - Office Administrator
Nicholas Waring - Capital Programme Manager
Albena Ahjem - Estates Officer
David Bartlett - Collector
Ania Johnson - Financial Controller
Emma Prayer - Assistant Collector
Joanna Zawada - Account's Clerk
Duty Porter - Duty Porter (including weekends & silent hours)
Celia Pilkington - Archivist
Andrea Brunsendorf - Head Gardener
Amanda Dennis - Gardener
Reverend Robin Griffiths-Jones - Master of the Temple
John Shearer - Verger and Administrator
Liz Clarke - Music Administrator
Catherine de Satgé - General Administrator
Roger Sayer - Director of Music
Greg Morris - Associate Organist
Carol Butler - Events and Finance Consultant
Lucy Mackay-Buller - Events and Marketing Manager