Thank you for thinking about applying for PASS.


2017 Application Round

Please note the 2017 application round has now closed. The Outreach Team will now review all applications and invite eligible candidates to the final stage of the assessment process.

References: Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that these are submitted in a timely fashion and no later than 28 November 2017. If they are not, we may not be able to consider your application in the final round. It is your responsibility to contact your referees, give them the link to the online form and ensure they submit the reference promptly. We will not contact your referees.

2018 Application Round

To be notified about the next application round, please sign up for our outreach mailing list here, to hear more about upcoming events and opportunities.

Please check your eligibility for PASS.

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The Inner Temple can still support you, even if you’re not eligible for PASS, through our tours and advice sessions. The Inner Temple can still support you, even if you’re not eligible for PASS, through our tours and advice sessions. 


Important advice

The application form can only be filled out in one sitting. You can’t save it and come back to it.

We ask you to upload a CV. If you’re successful in gaining a place on PASS, this will be passed onto Chambers in advance of your mini-pupillage.

The application process is spilt into two stages:

First stage:

Complete the application form. You should upload your CV and two references. 

  • One reference should be academic 
  • The second reference should speak about your professional skills. 

We do not accept references from family members. Please see our rules on applying for more information. 
We will check your eligibility and invite successful applicants to the next stage. 

Referees should complete a separate form

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Second stage:

On 12 November we invite applicants to complete a pre-recorded video. The video interview will ask you a set of questions and set the amount of time you have to think about the question and reply. You will be assessed against our strength profile, which is set out here. The second stage must be completed in one week and will close on 17 November.

Application Rules

Once applications are reviewed to ensure they meet the basic criteria, the personal specification will be reviewed. The initial reviewer of the personal specification stage will not have seen the students’ basic criteria to remove bias. Once the weightings across all stages have been totalled, a joint meeting of the Outreach Team will take place to mediate applications. Once applications are reviewed the Outreach Team will meet with Outreach Committee Chair and Vice-Chair or nominated members of the Outreach Committee. At this meeting a report on applications scoring will be provided as a final form of mediation however scores will not be readjusted at this meeting. Any applications that are borderline and have not been agreed will be decided at this meeting. The decision of this group is final.
Candidates should have their applications checked before submission, however it should remain their own work.
Please note that candidates for the Commercial Bar Association Scholarship may only apply for a scholarship to one Inn of Court only. Multiple applications are not allowed, and the Inns circulate to one another a list of applicants for all scholarships and awards. The Commercial Bar Association has the final decision over the allocation of COMBAR scholarships. Application information for the Commercial Bar Association Scholarship is shared with the Commercial Bar Association.
Candidates do not need to join the Inn before making an application or during participation on the scheme.
Applications are made on a form which can be found on-line.
Prospective applicants must note them carefully: they are observed strictly.
Applicants must arrange that those providing references do so using the guidelines supplied with the application form and send them directly to the Outreach Team before the relevant closing date. Undergraduates must arrange for a tutor or director of studies to provide one of the references. Applicants’ other academic references may be from the head of a former school or someone of similar standing. All references should be reasonably up-to-date at the time the application is made. In the case of mature applicants, references from an employer are acceptable, bearing in mind that all references should be as detailed as possible. Please note that members of family cannot provide references. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that references reach the Outreach Team by the relevant closing date: applications presented without appropriate references will not be considered.
Candidates who have participated in one of the partner schemes must show evidence that they participated in this scheme. This can be included in one or both of the references.
Applicants must notify the Outreach Manager in writing of any relevant changes in circumstances – such as degree results – as soon as possible.
It is not possible to give feedback to any candidates either before or after interview. All candidates are measured against other applicants rather than against an absolute benchmark. The Inner Temple’s decision is final.
Any applicant who canvasses directly or indirectly will be disqualified.
Applicants should be honest in their application and during their time on the Pegasus Access and Support Scheme, raising any issues or concerns at the earliest opportunity
This should be reflected in the candidate’s application, as well as a possible video interview following the application. The application and CV should be proofread for spelling and grammatical errors before submission.