Bar Course Benefactors Awards

The Inner Temple will also award a number of Benefactors Scholarships. These will be made in conjunction with another award (i.e. they will be added to a Bar Course Exhibition Scholarship). 

Award Award Amount
Solk Scholarship £1,875
Yarborough-Anderson Scholarship £1,500
Ashworth Scholarship £1,050
Frank & Burris Gahan Scholarship £820
Profumo Scholarship £750
Wilfred Clothier Scholarship £750
Hughes Parry Scholarship £700
Horace Avory Scholarship £600
Peta Fordham Scholarship £530
Allan Levy Award (X2) £500
Elfreda Edwards Scholarship £450
Jardine Scholarship £450
Philip Teichman Award £350
Michael Hodge Scholarship £300
Paul Methven Scholarship £250
Poland Prize £150
Struben Bequest Prize £100