Construction Works 16 December to 13 January

16 December to 13 January

  • Demolition works on all floors internally
  • Demolition of the existing flat roof
  • Removal of existing flat roof structural steel
  • Careful removal of the Hall ceiling
  • Forming new structural openings and installing temporary work supports on all floors
  • Internal scaffold crash deck within library to facilitate roof demolition
  • Demolition of existing slab and adjacent walls to facilitate the formation of a new lift pit in the north east lightwell
  • Concrete work to support the new Hall roof structure
  • Removal of existing lifts
  • Installation of library façade restraints
  • The site will close on 20/12/19 and reopen 02/01/20

Construction Noise

Location Date Description of the Works Noise Level

Roof – Flat Roof

16/12/19 – 13/01/20

The removal of the flat roof structure to allow new structural steel to be installed, North East Corner


Basement – NE Lightwell

16/12/19 – 13/01/20

Demolition works in the lightwell to facilitate the construction of a new lift pit, North east Corner


Mitigation Measures

  • Installation of Noise Reducing Acoustic Blankets:
    • At door openings
    • At all windows locations
    • Above the works in the lightwell
    • Against party walls
  • Works to be undertaken during Noisy Hours only
  • Hand tools will be used to demolish the walls, as far as reasonably practicable.

The Great Decant

While we work on the building, a slew of experts have been working behind the scenes to care for its contents. We captured some of that work, and our excitement in the run up to moving day, in this video.

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Contact Us

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SRM Special Projects Site Team offices are now located within the basement of the building with access through the east hoarding opposite Kings Bench Walk where ‘Visitor Entrance:’ signage can be found on the hoarding door to assist. Please press the bell to attract attention.

Site working hours will be from:

8.00am - 6.00pm Monday-Friday
9.00am - 2.00pm Saturday

John Walker

Project Manager, SRM Special Projects

John Walker

Project Manager, SRM Special Projects

John Walker

Project Manager, SRM Special Projects


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