Qualifying Session
Legal Professional Ethics in an International Context
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A panel of international practitioners and judges will discuss ethical and unethical conduct before international courts and tribunals and give practical advice on how to resolve issues. Each speaker will provide a case study on an ethical issue/question, which will be circulated to guests in advance for information and open discussion at the event.

Moderator: Master Joanna Korner (Chair and Judge, International Criminal Court)

Her Excellency Judge Kimberly Prost (Judge, International Criminal Court)
Master Nazhat Khan (Deputy Prosecutor, International Criminal Court)
Michael Karnavas (International Criminal Defence Lawyer)

Followed by a Q&A and networking reception.

In person and livestreamed from The Inner Temple.

Book/Cancel by: 27/06/2023

Ethics, Standards and Values: 1


Start Date: 29th June 2023 at 5:30 pm


End Date: 29th June 2023 at 7:30 pm


Online and in person from The Inner Temple


Business attire


Open to: All Members of the Inns


Event Manager
Wanda Szwed
020 7797 8179

The learning outcomes for this session are:
• identify and apply core duties to ethical challenges faced by barristers
• reason through ethical challenges that raise competing ethical principles
This Session will help you to work towards the following section of the professional statement:
1.16 b) Recognise potential ethical situations and identify ethical issues.
c) Be aware of and make effective use of relevant guidance, advice and
support regarding ethical issues.
d) Behave ethically and consistently act in accordance with the Code
of Conduct and other applicable rules and regulations.