Inner Temple in historic move raises the Rainbow Flag

Greg Dorey CVO, Sub-Treasurer (CEO) of the Inner Temple, commented:

“Today, we send a strong signal to those thinking of becoming a barrister and those who are already members. The Inner Temple stands with you, no matter your background or identity. The Inns of Court are a place of inclusion and are working to make the profession inclusive for everyone”

The Inner Temple has recently made equality and diversity training available for every member engaged in volunteering at the Inn and for each governor of the organisation. It continues to support the work of FreeBar and the Bar Lesbian and Gay Group (BLAGG)

Greg Dorey added:

“Pride matters. We stand with everyone celebrating Pride across the country and this visible sign shows our pride in the LGBT members of Inner Temple. The Bar should be a place of inclusion for all Barristers and those who work alongside them”