Judicial Appointments

Supreme Court Appointments

Court of Appeal Appointments

Master William Davis (The Hon Mr Justice William Davis) has been appointed Lord Justice of Appeal

International Court Appointments

Master Keylan Bacon (The Hon Mrs Justice Kelyn Bacon DBE) has been appointed to be President of the Upper Tribunal Tax and Chancery Chamber. She took up post on 21 February 2022

High Court Appointments

Master Akhlaq Choudhury (The Hon Mr Justice Choudhury) stood down from his role as President Of The Employment Appeal Tribunal on 31 December 2021 having served 3 years as President

Master Jennifer Eady (The Hon Mrs Justice Jennifer Eady DBE) has been appointed as President Of The Employment Appeal Tribunal, with effect from 1 February 2022

Henrietta Hill QC (The Honourable Mrs Justice Hill) has been appointed as a High Court Judge, with effect from 11 January 2022

Royal Courts of Justice Appointments

Assistant Judge Advocate General

Judge John Paul Camp retires as Assistant Judge Advocate General with effect from 7 October 2021

Circuit Judge Appointments

Master Gary Burrell (His Honour Judge Burrell QC) retires as a Circuit Judge with effect from 26 February 2022

Her Honour Judge Loram QC (Mary Loram QC) has been appointed as a Circuit Judge, South Eastern Circuit, based at Chelmsford Crown Court with effect from 4 January 2022

District Judge Appointments

District Judge James Britton sadly died on 14 May 2022.

Tribunal Judges

Upper Tribunal Judge Paula Gray retires with effect from 9 March 2022

Recorder Appointments

Sacha Ackland
Michael Armstrong
Farrhat Arshad
Emma Brown
Christopher Camp
Clare Coles
Employment Judge Dawson
Thomas Day
Daniel Dyal
Adina Ezekiel
Henry Gordon
Benjamin Gray
Eleanor Harris
Claire Heppenstall
District Judge Hickinbottom
Steven Howard
Rt Hon Sir Simon Hughes
District Judge Hussain
Abigail Joyce
Dermot Keating
Gemma Kelly
Ryan Kohli
Daniel Lister
District Judge Malek CTA
Master Scott Matthewson
Claire McCann
Robert Moretto
Clare Padley
Henrietta Paget