June Maureen Archer (née Smith)

Died 8 June 2021

Member of Hall

June was called to the Bar in 1980 - eighth out of the 4 or 5 thousand pupils who qualified that year. In fact, I proudly recall her going up to the dais to share a toast with the masters.

My mother was an extraordinary woman. She was born in Salford in 1942 and went to Tootal Road Secondary Modern School. She was in her 30s with two young children before she took her O' and A' Levels. I think you will agree that becoming a barrister from such inauspicious beginnings was a huge achievement.

She was highly intelligent and was taken under the wing of Lance Ware, co-founder of Mensa, and had her name on the door at 11 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn when he was Head of Chambers, there. But she is chiefly known for all the Pro Bono work she did for ordinary people who found themselves caught up in circumstances beyond their control with no other means of defending themselves.

Her cremation will take place at the Lambeth Crematorium, 29 Blackshaw Road, London at 9am on Friday 25th June and she will be interred at Agecroft Cemetery in Swinton, Manchester alongside her mother and eldest daughter.

By her daughter Jo Archer