Project Pegasus

The Inner Temple vision for this vital redevelopment is to create attractive, flexible space with state-of-the-art facilities for the delivery of education and training programmes for students, pupils and practitioners.

The revitalisation of the Inn will secure the long term future of the Inn and ensure members, and the people who use the Inn, have the services and facilities to support a vibrant legal profession.


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Project Overview

Project Pegasus is seen by the Inn as a unique opportunity to provide accommodation, which will support the activities of the Bar for generations to come. This will be achieved by the following:

  •  The creation of a high quality Education and Training Centre for students and practitioners which provides an auditorium, training rooms and associated break out space within the third and fourth floors of the extended building.
  • Improvements to the basement kitchen and staff areas and inclusion of additional serveries on the new floors to provide increased catering capacity in the building to support the intensification of use
  • Re-allocation and refurbishment of offices within the Treasury and which relate to the core functions of the building; Education and Training, Library, Catering and the Treasury Office itself.
  •  Extension and enhancements to circulation including access stairs, escape stairs, lifts, WCs and support areas.
  • Enhanced environmental, mechanical and electrical installations to improve building performance and meet the requirements of contemporary, high quality education space.
  • Improved storage.
  •  Maintenance of existing services within the Bench Apartments and the lower, remodelled level of the library.
  •  Completion of Sir Hubert Worthington’s original vision for the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Formal planning consent was issued on 14 February 2018
The planning application is on the City of London Planning Department website here. A member of the Inn has launched a Judicial Review application on the grant of the planning consent, with the Inn as Interested Party. Both the City, as Defendant, and the Inn are defending this action.
Benchers met at a Bench Table on 21 October 2015 to discuss proposals to add an additional floor to the Treasury Building in order to develop an Education and Training Centre and additional facilities for the Inn. The Bench Table was followed by a vote which was scrutinised by the Reader and Reader-Elect. Governing Benchers voted to proceed with a re-development in current form.
The project is overseen by the Pegasus Project Steering Group, chaired by the Reader of the day. It is made up of the chair of each main Committee including Education & Training, Library, Estates, Garden, Finance, House and Catering. The group includes senior staff from each department plus members of the Bar Liaison Committee.
A considerable amount of work has been undertaken to minimise the impact on the Library since the initiation of the Project. Thanks to the co-operation of departmental representatives and the skills of our architect, the concerns raised by individual departments have now been substantially met. In particular, a less intrusive intervention into the Library, as well as alternative book storage in a large room in the basement immediately below the Library, has been achieved.
The Treasury Building and Hall in their current condition were completed in 1958 following the complete destruction of the previous buildings during World War II air raids.
The initial plans for the Treasury Building which hosts the Library were designed by Sir Hubert Worthington. Responsibility for the project was subsequently passed to T.W. Sutcliffe who supervised and is credited for the overall building and the Library.
In October 2015, Governing Benchers voted in favour of Project Pegasus: a project to renew, extend and refit the facilities of the 1950s Treasury Building to ensure the Inner Temple can meet the future needs of every part of its membership and the wider profession. A planning application was submitted on 31 January 2017. In June 2017, the City of London Planning Committee resolved to grant planning consent to designs by Hugh Broughton Architects as approved by the Executive Committee on the recommendation of the Project Pegasus Steering Group, chaired by the Reader. The City of London planning officers’ report recognised the strong public interest in the application and recommended approval of the planning application to the Planning Committee. The report described the proposal as one “which comprises the completion of the original design for the building, and the creation of a barristers’ training centre which would reinforce the legal character of the Inner Temple and sustain the building's long-term use”.