Visiting Us & Access

The garden is normally open to the public from 12.30-3.00pm on weekdays. Access is via the main gate opposite the Treasury Office on Crown Office Row. In high winds we close the garden as a precaution.

Visitors are asked to respect their surroundings, take their litter with them and respect any instructions to keep away from certain areas. There are occasions when the garden is closed for private functions, and subsequently for repair and maintenance. Please follow our Garden Usage Guidelines.

*Update* 25/5/2017

Bench Table have approved the decommissioning of the Embankment Pedestrian Gate for security and health and safety reasons.

As of Monday the 19th June 2017
this gate will no longer be in use

Please use the fob access readers on:
Easy Access gate on Crown Office Row
11 King’s Bench Walk
Pedestrian gate on Middle Temple Lane

Visit the Treasury Office to update your existing building fob & ensure that you bring a form of identification with you.

*Update* 31/01/2017

The fob access readers on
Easy Access gate on Crown Office Row
11 King's Bench Walk
Pedestrian gate on Middle Temple Lane
are now live

Please be aware that you will no longer be able to use your Estate Key to access the Garden as of Wednesday the 8th of February.

Professional tenants and authorised Chambers staff: For continued Garden access, please visit the Treasury office to update your existing building fob. Please ensure that you bring a form of identification with you.

*Update* 25/11/2016

To Professional Tenants and Residents of Inner Temple

In response to your valued comments about fob access and usage of the garden, we are pleased to publish the revised Garden Usage Guidelines which have been approved by the Inn’s Executive Committee.  The guidelines reflect the desire of professional tenants and residents to have unrestricted access to the garden (subject to necessary closures for garden hire and health and safety issues).  The full consultation report can be read here.

We confirm that the Inn’s tenants, whether they are members of Inner Temple or not, will be able to have their existing building fob programmed for garden access at our Treasury Office after the 8th of December. Access for staff with Chambers fobs will also be enabled by the Treasury Office.  Full details of the timeline for activation of fob access to the garden will be issued after 8 December with the objective of making the system live on 25 January 2017.

Thank you for taking the trouble to respond to the consultation and please do not hesitate to contact the Subtresurer if you have any further comments about the guidelines.

*Update* 06/10/2016

Please be assured that the fobbed security access system will remain deactivated until we have received all comments on the Garden Usage Guidleines on the 17th of October. These will be carefully considered by the Master and Assistant Masters of the Garden and reviewed in conjunction with the Treasury Office and any further information will be circulated appropriately.

Access to the Garden continues to be by using the existing Estate key.



We would like to inform you of measures that the Inn is taking to improve the long-term security of the Estate, whilst also preserving the Garden for its Members, Residents and Professional Tenants.

This summer the fobbed security access system has been widened to encompass the Garden and is due to launch in mid-October 2016. Access readers for registered fobs will be replacing the current locks on the Easy Access Gate on Crown Office Row, the Middle Temple Lane Pedestrian Gate and the gate opposite 11 King’s Bench Walk.

The three selected gates will operate using fobs and cards already issued for access to The Inn’s buildings. Please be aware that existing keys will still be required to enter and egress the perimeter of the Estate.

We currently expect the fob system to go live in the week commencing 10th October. Any further information will be issued by the Inn in due course and all information will be posted on the Inn’s website. Appropriate signage will also be placed on the gates in anticipation of the changeover. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the new system, please contact the Porters: We will endeavour to make the change over as seamless as possible with the least possible inconvenience.

Separately, we believe it would be helpful to articulate expectations as to access and use of the Garden in the form of a short and common-sense set of Guidelines. The draft Guidelines can be viewed here. Any comments you may have on these are invited and should be sent by email to Andrea Brunsendorf, Head Gardener, marked “Guidelines” to:, by 17 October 2016.

During a transitional period the fob system will operate in parallel with key access through the remaining gates. However, once the fob system is up and running and after the Guidelines have been finalised, the remaining three gates will no longer be available for general use, due to heritage and security reasons, and access will be solely by the fob system.