Information for University Law and Bar Societies  

There are many ways in which university societies and their members can engage with the Inner Temple. Please see below for more information.

To ensure that your society hears about events at the Inner Temple for aspiring barristers please sign up to our  Bar and Law Societies Newsletter.

Tours of the Inner Temple

If you would like to bring members of your society to the Inner Temple for a tour please contact the Outreach Team.  Tour groups must be no larger than 15. Depending on staff availability, it may be possible to run two tour groups simultaneously.

What does a tour involve?

A visit to the Inner Temple lasts between 60-90mins and consists of:

  • A tour of the Inner Temple Treasury building, providing an overview of the Inn’s activities and programmes, including scholarships
  • Q&A session with a member of the Outreach Team
  • It may be possible to arrange a tour of the library, but please be aware that this is dependent on numbers. As it is a working library we are limited as to how many people can visit at a time

Travel Funding

There is no charge for a tour of the Inn but nonetheless the Inn is conscious that visiting London can be costly for students. The Inn is able to provide a small amount of funding for societies to support travel to the Inn.

Each society can claim to up to £150 of travel costs reimbursed, each academic year. Please note that receipts will be required to claim. The Inn suggests that where the total cost exceeds this amount, this fund be used to support those who require financial support to a greater degree.

The Outreach Team will provide more information as to how to claim when a booking is made.

Dinner to the Universities

The Inner Temple holds an annual dinner for undergraduate students aspiring to a career at the Bar. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and network with members of the Inn who are practicing barristers and judges. This usually takes place in February or March.

The Dinner to the Universities is always a popular event and we want to welcome as many universities as possible. To this end, invitations are issued via university bar and law societies only*. We ask societies to allocate spaces to those they feel will benefit the most.

*Note that in the case where a university has both a bar and law Society, priority will be given to the bar society to avoid duplication and to ensure that each university is allocated the same number of places.

Programmes and Events

We would encourage societies to share information about the many outreach events which take place throughout the year. These include:

  • PASS – A year long programme for aspiring barristers who meet social mobility criteria. In addition to running a range of skills workshops, the Inner Temple will arrange a mini-pupillage. Travel and accommodation costs (where required) are covered for those on the PASS programme. For more information click here.
  • Insight Events – Insight events take place in locations around the UK and online. Attendees have an opportunity to hear from practising barristers about their journey to the Bar. Where events are in person, there is also a chance to attend a networking session. For more information click here