Paris Bar Exchange

The Paris Bar Exchange will resume in 2023 and arrangements are in hand to ensure that participating barristers selected to go to Paris will have access to an appropriate visa for their stay in France.

The Paris Bar Exchange is an exchange programme for barristers of all four Inns of Court who have been in practice for up to 7 years offers the opportunity to spend the month of September doing a stage in Paris. Avocat members of the Paris Bar of similar seniority spend the month of July doing a stage in London.

The exchanges have been a great success, both in Paris and London.

 The Bar of Paris with the Paris Bar School (EFB) offers the following stage to up to four Barristers:

  • An introductory seminar and other activities at the EFB
  • A stage in an Avocat’s offices, preferably specialising in the Barrister’s field of practice
  • Attendance at hearings of both interlocutory injunction applications and criminal proceedings
  • Visits to the Palais de Justice, an administrative tribunal or the Conseil d’Etatwith some marshalling
  • Meeting between young Avocats and Barristers and a reception
  • Conducting a mock trial in the Palais de Justice before French judges

While candidates will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation, a lump sum of £750 will be payable by the Pegasus Trust.

Candidates for the exchange programme (who should be proficient French speakers) should apply by June 2023 (date tbc) by Lettre de motivation in French with a CV in French and English plus a financial budget to:

Pegasus Trust

Pegasus Trust

Pegasus Trust

Interviews will take place in the Inner Temple in June