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As the world becomes small, so the need becomes greater for lawyers to become more internationally minded.

Understanding the practice of law in a wide range of other countries and the forging of links between the lawyers of the future around the world is becoming more and more important. Pegasus scholarships were established to address this need.

The common law is one of the greatest forces for good in the world. For many, the common law means the rule of law and the absolute independence of the judiciary. It is of paramount importance for the future of the common law that bridges should be built between the legal professions in the many countries of the world which live under this system.

The Pegasus scholarship scheme makes it possible for gifted young lawyers – the future leaders of their professions – to learn about the practical working of the common law system in countries other than their own, and to form enduring links with lawyers in those counties.

The Rt Hon The Lord Goff of Chieveley, First Chairman of the Pegasus Trust

As Incoming Pegasus scholars, talented young lawyers from other countries will be able to gain work experience in a first class set of chambers for three months. As Outgoing Pegasus scholars, young English and Welsh barristers will be able to travel abroad, live and work internationally in a variety of different legal frameworks.

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Pegasus Trust

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