Past Winners

2015 Book Prize

Main Prize £12,000 winner

  • Alan Paterson – Final Judgment : The Last Law Lord and the Supreme Court Hart Publishing

New Authors £5,000 Winner

  • Claire Fenton-Glynn – Children’s Rights in Intercountry Adoption Intersentia

Main Prize Shortlisted

  • Professor Neil Andrews – Andrews on Civil Processes Intersentia
  • Professor Adrian Briggs – Private International Law in the English Courts OUP
  • Emily Jackson – Law and the Regulation of Medicine Hart Publishing
  • Tony Prosser – The Economic Constitution OUP

New Authors Prize Shortlisted

  • Solene Rowan – Remedies for Breach of Contract OUP

2011 Book Prize

Main Prize Winner

  • Paul Halliday – Habeas Corpus Harvard University Press

New Author's Prize Winner

  • Tom Hickman – Public Law after the Human Rights Act Hart Publishing

Main Prize Shortlisted

  • Richard Gardiner – Treaty Interpretation OUP
  • Julian Rivers – The Law of Organised Religion: Between Establishment and secularism OUP
  • Richard Barnes – Property Rights and Natural Resources Hart Publishing
  • Sarah Green and John Randall – The Tort of Conversion Hart Publishing

New Author's Prize Shortlisted

  • Robin Hickey Property and the Law of Finders Hart Publishing