Garden Use

The Inner Temple Garden is open for respectful enjoyment and quiet use. Please be aware this is a working environment surrounded by Barristers Chambers. Visitors to the Garden are reminded to take their litter away with them.

  1. The Garden is usually open to the public 12.30-3pm Monday to Friday. The Main Garden Gate will be opened during public access hours.
  2. All users are expected to exercise consideration for nearby Chambers and Residents, and for other Garden users, and to leave the Garden as they find it. Anyone considered by the Head Gardener or Porters to be making unreasonable use of the Garden may be asked to leave.
  3. Access by fob-holders:
    (a) Benchers, Residents, Members and Professional Tenants of Inner and Middle Temple and Authorised Staff may access the Garden using their fob 7 days a week/24 hours a day, except during private hires (see point 5), or at times when the Garden is closed for safety reasons (see point 6). Please refer to the Treasury Office in the event that your fob has not yet been programmed to permit you that access.  
    (b) Fob access is restricted to the gates equipped with fob-readers and there is no right of access through other gates.
    (c) For security reasons, a record will be kept of fob-holders. Fobs are personal to the registered fob-holder and must not be transferred. All fob holders are reminded that they must check that the gate closes behind them. Restrictions may be imposed on access by any individual fob-holder who does not observe these Garden Guidelines.
  4. Fob-holders are expected to use good sense in regulating their own use of the Garden in ways that are consistent with the peaceful enjoyment of all. These Garden Guidelines do not attempt to legislate for all circumstances. Reasonable use of the Garden by fob-holders does not, for example, extend to holding Chambers events in the Garden without either prior agreement with the Treasury Office or a private hire being agreed with the Catering Department.
  5. Private hires:
    (a) During private hires of the Garden, access to the Garden will be restricted to Benchers and Residents, who are asked to respect the exclusivity expected by the hirer and the need for contractors to have unimpeded access when setting up for and clearing up after events.
    (b) At such times, Benchers and Residents are asked to refrain from picnicking and other activities on the lawn and main pathway and are asked to restrict their use of the Garden to the Broadwalk. Please access and egress the Garden through the gates at 11 KBW and Middle Temple Lane and remain on the Broadwalk during periods of Garden closure related to events.
    (c) All dogs must remain on leads in the event of a private event.
    (d) Private hires of the Garden are subject to contractual conditions of hire which are intended to minimise disturbance to those living and working around the Garden. In the event of problems related to private hires please notify the Treasury Office or the Duty Porter.
  6. When the Head Gardener or Porter considers closure of the Garden (or part of the Garden) necessary for safety reasons, the Garden (or relevant parts) will be closed to the public and all fob holders until it is safe to reopen. Closures could be due to winds in excess of the limit set by the Inn’s safety policy, pesticide applications, lawn maintenance or security breaches.
  7. In the case of Garden closure, we encourage fob-holders to make use of other areas available on the Estate.
  8. During the Inn’s Christmas closure the Garden will be locked; however, fob holders will have access through the Easy Access Gate on Crown Office Row.
  9. Only dogs belonging to Residents of Inner and Middle Temple are allowed into the Garden. All dog foul must be disposed of in the dog bins provided. Damage to flower borders and long grass areas must be avoided. During public opening, dogs should be kept on a lead or otherwise under appropriate control.
  10. Alcohol is not permitted in the Garden during public opening hours.
  11. Barbeques are not permitted in the Garden during public opening hours. Residents may use a small barbecue outside public opening hours in consultation with the Head Gardener.
  12. Exercise classes require prior consent from the Head Gardener. Outside public opening hours, children may play ball games under adult supervision, provided they do so with due respect for the Garden and for other users. Users of games provided by the Garden (i.e. table tennis and, at certain times of year, chess and croquet) are asked to keep noise to a courteous level and respect all horticultural amenities. Ball games are not otherwise permitted.