Society of Asian Lawyers

The aims and objectives of the Society are:

  • To promote and to develop the legal profession within the Asian community in the UK;
  • To represent its members and to support, develop and encourage Asians within the legal profession so as to assist them in their career aspirations consistent with the overall objective of enhancing diversity and equality of opportunity within the legal profession and the judiciary;
  • To develop relationships with representatives of Government, the Judiciary, the Law Society, the Bar, ILEX, their associated regulatory bodies, and other law and related associations in order to achieve aims (1) and (2) above;
  • To lead and/or to support campaigns that promote the objectives in (1) and (2) above;
  • To inform and educate its members and the community about legal and social issues that are of interest to, and affect, the Asian community;
  • To provide opportunities and events for members and supporters to meet, to exchange views and ideas, and to socialise.

Further details can be found on their website.