Pupils Advocacy Course

The Inner Temple Pupils' Advocacy Course has at its core a residential weekend. During this 3-day course, pupils participate in sessions on case preparation, witness handling, speeches and pleas in mitigation.

Each pupil is video-reviewed throughout the weekend to give him or her the opportunity to identify and correct any bad habits which affect their overall advocacy performance.

In addition to the weekend, pupils take part in mock trials in local crown courts, and attend a day at the Inn spent on interlocutory applications.

The exercises are taught by judges, Masters of the Bench and barristers of all levels, all of whom have been trained in advocacy teaching. The witness roles are played by student members of the Inn on the Bar Professional Training Course who are able to gain up to three Qualifying Sessions this way. The exercises provide basic advocacy confidence and experience, allowing pupils the opportunity to be assessed and receive constructive criticism from highly experienced practitioners.

Click here to read a report from a Pupil's Advocacy Weekend

For further information, please contact David Miller.