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There are four Call ceremonies each year; Hilary (March), Trinity (July), Deferred Trinity (October) and Michaelmas (November).

To be considered eligible to be called to the Bar an individual must have successfully completed the following:

  • academic component of training
  • vocational component of Bar training (Bar training course) 
  • obtained the requisite number of Qualifying Sessions
  • undergone the necessary fit and proper person checks (including obtaining a ‘Standard’ Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and, if necessary, the international equivalents)

Call Dates

Call ceremonies will be held on the below dates in 2022. 

Term Date

Trinity Ceremony

Thursday 28 July

Deferred Trinity Ceremony

Thursday 13 October 

Michaelmas Ceremony  

Thursday 24 November 

Applying for Call

The Inn is currently accepting applications for the following Call to the Bar ceremonies due to be held in 2022:

  • Trinity
  • Deferred Trinity
  • Michaelmas

The relevant guidelines and applications forms can be downloaded below.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on Call Ceremonies

The Inn plans on staging all forthcoming Call to the Bar ceremonies in-person. However, this decision will be kept under review and is subject to change. 

Qualifying Sessions

All students who commence the Bar course on or after the 1 June 2020, and have not attended a Qualifying Session prior to that date, will need to abide by the new requirements stated in the Qualifying Sessions Framework (further information regarding the requirements can be found on the following webpage)

For students who commenced the Bar course prior to 1 June 2020, or students who attended Qualifying Sessions prior 1 June 2020, transitional arrangements will apply to you. Details of the transitional arrangements can be found under paragraph 39 of the Joint Inns' Education and Qualification Rules

The Call to the Bar ceremony itself will still be classified as a Qualifying Session up until 30 June 2021. 

Qualifying Sessions are valid for 5 years and it is the responsibility of all applicants to ensure they have met the requirements and obtained the requisite number of valid Qualifiyng Sessions at the point of Call. 

If you are not a current Bar Training Course student, or you were recently admitted to the Inn as a Transferring Legal Professional, please contact the Education & Training Department directly at to ensure you are added to the mailing list for members currently attending Qualifying Sessions.

Criminal Record Checks

The Bar Standards Board requires that all individuals, including Transferring Legal Professionals, being called to the Bar after 1 July 2021 undergo a Standard UK Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal record check. Additionally, those who have resided in a country/countries outside of the UK for 12 continuous months or more, or 12
months cumulatively, at any point during the 5 years preceding their application for Call, will need to undergo the equivalent international criminal record check/s.

The criminal record checks form part of the ‘fit and proper person checks’ required prior to Call to the Bar. A detailed overview of the requirement and how to obtain the checks, including a breakdown of associated costs, can be found in the Criminal Record Checks Factsheet, which can be downloaded below.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BSB has introduced a very limited waiver in relation to obtaining criminal records checks for Call. The full policy and application form can be downloaded below.

Also available to download below are the following documents:

  • The Inn's supplementary Privacy Notice regarding background checks
  • The Inn's Policy Statement – Treatment of Ex-offenders 

Call to the Bar Costs

Item Cost

Call Fee


Standard UK DBS Check


Call Reception Ticket (Callee)


Call Reception Ticket (Guest)


Structure of Call Night

On the day of the Call ceremony, those being called to the Bar must arrive at Inner Temple Hall at 5pm to register, whilst their guests should head directly to the Temple Church to take their seats. The ceremony begins promptly at 6pm, when the Masters of the Bench process into the Church.

The ceremony is followed by a Champagne reception in the Hall for those who have been called, their guests and the Masters of the Bench. The evening usually ends at 8.30pm.

Dress for Call

Students being called:

You do not need a wig or gown.
Gowns will be provided at registration by the Inn on the day of Call. Wigs are provided by the photographers for the photos only. Wigs are not allowed to be worn during the ceremony.

Dark suit for men and women

  • Women: White wing-collared shirt or a mandarin collar shirt or a ladies tunic. You will need to purchase bands separately - all require bands. Alternatively, a collarette with a top underneath - you do not need to buy bands for this as they are already attached. You can wear any colour top underneath as long as it does not show through the collarette.
  • Men: White wing-collared shirt or a tunic shirt (with attachable wing collar) - both require bands.

The bands and shirts may be bought from a number of tailors including:

Please contact the tailors directly for any questions on dress.


Guests do not have to wear dark colours but smart attire is requested.

As a result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and data sharing protocol we have with the BSB, we share member information with the BSB for the stated purposes set out in the MoU data sharing protocol. For more information on how the BSB uses your information, whether obtained from us or otherwise, please read their Privacy Statement.

For further information, please contact:

Tiffany-Rochelle Louis-Byfield

Education Engagement Co-ordinator

Tiffany-Rochelle Louis-Byfield

Education Engagement Co-ordinator

Tiffany-Rochelle Louis-Byfield

Education Engagement Co-ordinator