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Alami, Musa (1897-1984)

Adm IT 1920; Call 1924
Palestinian lawyer, philanthropist, founder and president of the Arab Development Society

Attlee, Clement R., Earl Attlee (1883-1967)

Earl Attlee

Adm IT 1904; Call 1906; PC 1935
Prime Minister 1945-51



Audley, Sir Thomas, Lord Audley (1488-1544)

Adm IT 1510; Call n.d.; bencher 1524; Reader 1526; MP for Essex 1523; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1529; serjeant 1531; LK 1532-3; knt 1532; LC 1533-44; Speaker of HoC
Created Baron Audley of Walden 1538
Inner Temple's first recorded Lord Chancellor. Presided over trial of Sir Thomas More

Austin, John (1790-1859)

Adm IT 1812; Call 1818; appointed first Professor of Jurisprudence at University of London (founded 1826); began lectures 1828; resigned 1832; delivered course of lectures on jurisprudence at IT 1834
Legal philosopher and author of 'The Providence of Jurisprudence'.
Friend of John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham
Bequeathed his library to IT

Baker, Sir John Hamilton (1944 -)

Adm It 1963; Call 1966; bencher 1987; Hon QC 1996
Legal historian and author

Barrington, Hon. Daines (1727-1800)

Adm IT 1744; Call 1749; Recorder of Bristol 1764; KC; bencher 1777; Treasurer 1785; 2nd Justice of Chester 1778-85; resigned all judicial offices 1785
Author, antiquary and naturalist. Vice President of Society of Antiquaries
Friend of Gilbert White, Dr Johnson and James Boswell
Buried in Temple Church

Beaumont, Francis (1584-1616)

Adm IT 1600
Dramatist. Collaborated with Fletcher 1606-16
Third son of Francis Beaumont, JCP

Birkett, William, Lord Birkett (1883-1962)

Adm IT 1910; Call 1913; KC 1924; bencher 1930; Treasurer 1956; LJA 1950-56
Judge at Nuremberg trials. Outstanding advocate

Boswell, James (1740-95)

Adm IT 1761; Call 1786; recorder of Carlisle 1788-90
Eldest son of Lord Auchinleck
Author and biographer of Dr. Johnson
Resided in Farrar's Building

Bridgeman, Sir Orlando (1606-74)

Adm 1624; Call 1633; bencher 1660; serjeant 1660; CJCP 1660-68; LK 1667-72
Celebrated conveyancer. Presided over trial of Regicides

Broke, Arthur (d.1563)

Adm IT 1561; contributed to IT Christmas revels 1561
Dramatist and translator. Author of 'The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Iuliet written first in Italian by Bandell and nowe in English by Ar. Br.' on which William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was based

Bromley, Sir Thomas (1530-87)

Adm IT 1550; call n.d.; Reader 1566; Treasurer 1573-75; Recorder of London 1566-69; SG 1569-79; MP; LC 1579-87; PC; knt 1579
Presided over trial of Mary, Queen of Scots, 1586. Sealed execution warrant

Butler-Sloss, Dame Elizabeth (1933-)

Adm IT 1951; call 1955; bencher 1979; reader 1997; Treasurer 1998; LJA 1988-99; President FD 1999
First woman member of Court of Appeal; first woman Treasurer of IT