Applying for Free Room Hire (for Outreach Purposes)

The Inn offers organisations or members of the Inn the opportunity to apply for free room hire, for the purpose of running outreach events to support those from under-represented backgrounds to a career at the Bar. Whilst we know there are many organisations out there running great events and doing fantastic work, we are only able to support a very limited number of organisations each year.

If you are successful in your application for free room hire please be aware that, so we may support other organisations, we may not be able to provide the same in future years.

The Inn is only able to offer free room hire. Any catering would need to be arranged separately with the Catering Team once the booking was confirmed. If you would like further information regarding catering options and costs please contact, mentioning that you are an organisation applying to the Outreach Team for free room hire. It is advised you contact them before making an application.

Please note this is subject to availability and we advise you to provide as much flexibility with regards to dates as you can.

To be eligible the event must:

  • Aim to provide information, guidance or training to those aspiring to the Bar
  • Target those from under-represented groups at the Bar
  • Be free of charge to all attendees
  • Have an evaluation plan and be willing to share those evaluation results with the Inner Temple
  • Where the organisation or member has run the event before, there be evidence that the event has achieved its objectives
  • Where the event is new please include any Theory of Change, or outline explaining how you believe the planned activity will achieve the aims and objectives you lay out.
  • Be willing to have a representative of the Inn speak at the event (subject to staff availability)

When looking at applications we will consider whether:

  • The Inn has availability and capacity to host the proposed event
  • How closely aligned the event or activity is with the Inn's outreach programme (based on aims, objectives and target groups). We are looking to support events which complement our work, but do not replicate existing Inn based events.
  • The quality of the evaluation plan

Applications will be assessed by the Outreach Team, but all requests for free room hire must have approval from the Sub-Treasurer before being approved.

We regret that we are not able to support every organisation each year.

Applications are now open for organisations wishing to run events between January 2025 and December 2025. Applications for this time period must be submitted by Friday 1 November 2024. 

Click here to apply.