Temple Women's Forum

The Temple Women's Forum was founded in 2011 to encourage and support women throughout their careers, so as to increase retention within the profession. It provides a meeting place to focus together on some of the key issues identified as contributing to the decision of many women to leave the profession in the prime of their careers. Although aimed at women practitioners, men are certainly not excluded.

The forum is co-chaired by Her Honour Judge Sapnara of Middle Temple and Her Honour Judge Deborah Taylor of Inner Temple.

There have been a number of workshops in addition to our two main events. Our events normally include a keynote speaker and panellists, and present an opportunity to debate a matter of significance for women members of the Bar. After the formal part of the evening, drinks are served and attendees have a chance to network.

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Temple North Women's Forum

The Temple North Women's Forum was set up in 2013 in Leeds by Dr Iyiola Solanke, an Academic Fellow of the Inner Temple.



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