Notice to all Prospective Members

The Inn requires that all prospective members join the Inner Temple by 31 May in the year in which they plan to begin the BPTC. For example, if someone intends to commence the BPTC in September 2017, they would be required to join the Inner Temple by 31 May 2017.

Please read the notes accompanying the form carefully before completing it.

The Application Forms consist of:

  1. Inner Temple Application Form for Admission, which requires you to declare:
    • Your occupation
    • Any previous convictions or bankruptcy charges
    • That you have not applied to join another Inn
  2. Two Certificates from Referees: these should be from people of standing (former tutors, employers etc)
  3. Ethnic Minority Monitoring Form
  4. Bar Council Form (a copy of this form is sent on to the Bar Council for their records)

The cost of joining an Inn is £100 and is a one-off payment.
Applications should be submitted to the Inn by 31 May in the year in which you wish to commence your BPTC.


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