BPTC Awards

Most of the Inner Temple’s Scholarships and Exhibitions are intended to support students during their BPTC year. Of our total scholarship fund for 2019 of £1,836,306 over £1.5 million will be allocated to BPTC awards.

Main BPTC Awards

Award Award Amount
One Peter Taylor Scholarship £22,000
One Stephen Chapman Scholarship £21,000
Five Princess Royal Scholarships £20,000 each
Major Scholarships and Exhibitions: Awards will be made on merit with award levels decided taking into account the successful applicant’s resources and needs. There are not a set number but we would expect to make 90 - 95 of these, for around 100 awards in total.


The Inner Temple will also award a number of Benefators Scholarships. These will be made in conjunction with another BPTC award (i.e. they will be added to a BPTC Exhibition Award). A full list of these awards can be found here


Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Awards

50 awards of £175 each are offered annually to cover the Inn’s fees for admission and call. Applicants must be ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom. When applying for a BPTC Scholarship you will automatically be put forward for a Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Award.


BPTC Scholarship Statistics

Applications 2014 2015 2016 2017
Scholarship Applications 363 372 313 393
Interviewed (applicants minus withdrawals) 306 314 263 331
Total Awards 99 101 101 101

Application Procedure

Applications for 2019 are now closed.

Applications for 2019 closed at 1pm on Friday 2 November 2018. The financial statement section is not compulsory but if it is not filled in, any award you win other than the named awards mentioned above (Peter Taylor, Stephen Chapman and Princess Royal Scholarships) would be at a minimum level as we would have to assume you have sufficient finances in place. 

We recommend that all applicants fill the financial statement in. Three references are required: two academic and one personal - please note that family members cannot provide references.

In the last round of BPTC applications, the Inner Temple interviewed every applicant. It is the Inn's intention, numbers permitting, to continue to offer interviews to all candidates that apply for a BPTC award. The interviews will be held on Saturday 9 and Saturday 16 March 2019.

References will now be submitted online as part of your application

Applicants must arrange for three references to be submitted in support of their application, two academic references and one personal reference. The academic references should be from a tutor or director of studies. In the case of mature applicants, references from an employer are acceptable, bearing in mind that all references should be as detailed as possible. The personal reference should be from a professional person who has known the applicant for at least 2 years. Please note that family members cannot provide references.

As of September 2018, references will be submitted online as part of the scholarship application process. Please note, that it is the responsibility of the applicant to send the unique URL, generated whilst completing the references section of the application, to their referee. The referee will then be able to upload the reference directly to us.

References form an essential part of the application and as such, the application should not be submitted before all three references have been uploaded. Applicants are advised to contact their referees as soon as possible and must ensure that their application is submitted, with references, before the deadline of 1pm on Friday 2 November 2018. Applications presented without appropriate references may be disadvantaged. Applicants must notify the Scholarship Team as soon as possible if there are any issues with the references.