Pupillage Awards

The Inner Temple offer a small number of scholarships for those with a minimally funded pupillage, called Benefactors’ Scholarships. 

The Marshall Hall Trust provided £16,500 in 2019 that the panel  divided between successful applicants as Marshall Hall Pupillage awards. In 2020 the Trust will provide a minimum of £15,000.

It will be the same application form for both - you will be considered for both the Inner Temple and the Marshall Hall funding at the same time.

The awards offered by the Inn are:

Award name Award
The Rachel Lawrence Scholarship £2000
Leonard Woodley Scholarship £1000
Sunley Prize (awarded by the Knights of the Round Table to those who have debated and/or mooted for the Inn) £1000
Sweet and Maxwell Scholarship £400
Cecile Yahuda Scholarship £325
Basil Nield Scholarship £250
Neville Laski Scholarship £150
Geoffrey Veale Scholarship £100
Ede and Ravenscroft Prize wig, gown and circuit case

Application Procedure

Candidates should apply online, using the form on the web-site. Two references are required, one academic and one personal, and these should be submitted online as part of the application form.  The Committee will also usually expect to be provided with a letter from the Applicant’s pupil supervisor (or proposed pupil supervisor) or from the head of chambers or the chambers’ pupillage committee, confirming the funding arrangements for the pupillage.

The financial statment section of the form is compulsory for the Pupillage awards.

There is no interview for the Inner Temple awards but if you are selected for Marshall Hall funding a short interview with the Trustees of the Marshall Hall Trust will be required.

Applications for 2020 are now closed. The next round of applications will open in April 2021.