Wellbeing at the Bar

The Wellbeing Portal www.wellbeingatthebar.org.uk is a website designed to provide support and best practice to barristers, clerks, chambers on wellbeing.

The Portal has been created as part of the Wellbeing at the Bar Programme, chaired by Rachel Spearing, Master of the Bench of Inner Temple and barrister at Pump Court Chambers. 

The programme aims to:

  • Improve barristers' wellbeing and resilience;
  • Improve chambers' management practices and understanding of Wellbeing and mental health; and
  • Improve support available to those in crisis.

Research into Wellbeing, undertaken in October 2014, looked at barristers' health and wellbeing and identified risk factors which may impact barristers' performance. This research was ground breaking and was the first time that a whole profession had been surveyed in relation to wellbeing in any country. Barristers responded in record numbers with nearly 2,500 barristers completing the survey.

Survey results were analysed by an independent third party, Positive Group, and the resulting Wellbeing at the Bar report is available to view below.

Key findings were:

  • 1 in 3 find it difficult to control/stop worrying;
  • 2 in 3 feel showing signs of stress equals weakness;
  • 1 in 6 feeling in low spirits most of the time;
  • 59% demonstrate unhealthy levels of perfectionism;
  • Psychological wellbeing within the profession is rarely spoken about.

A working group including representatives of the Inns, Circuits and SBAs was convened to develop wellbeing information, training and support focusing solely on barrister and clerks' wellbeing. 

Helen Davies QC, Master of the Bench of Inner Temple and joint Head of Brick Court Chambers, and Jennie Collis, Executive Assistant to the Sub-Treasurer, represent the Inner Temple on the Wellbeing at the Bar Working Group. If you have any questions about the Wellbeing at the Bar programme, please contact Jennie Collis Price.

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